Bird vs Fish

Watch what happens when a Giant Trevally versus an Tern in this amazing fish eats bird clip from Blue Planet II. Usually Giant trevally are solitary hunters but they have come in numbers to try their luck at catching potential prey

“So there is a fish here that, amazingly, has a brain capable of calculating the airspeed, altitude, and trajectory of a bird.”
1:32 That bird got away because the fish forgot to carry the one while adding.

I’m a YouTuber passionate with production and cinematography… but I can NEVER figure out the production techniques of the BBC documents… absolute mind blowing to the fact that it looks staged which is impossible

Waah!!! What a photography. I liked that scene when the fish was trying to catch the bird but failed, which was clearly photographed by the interface between air and water. In a single frame two of them are captured. Simply awesome.

this was happening in my backyard and never knew about it. this was filmed in Seychelles and I believe it was the first place this behaviour had been observed. I’ve lived here all my life and never heard of it. and trevally is one of our favourite fish to eat in Seychelles