“Spices of Four Seasons” Purple Garlic – The Essential Spicy Flavor on the Tables in Yunnan

The most popular crop in my hometown in the past few years must be purple garlic, which is exported to many countries and regions in Europe with good quality. With its large size, thin skin and thick flesh, and spicy taste, garlic is inseparable from every meal for my family. We add several cloves of garlic to any dish to make it taste good.

This time, family is complete. You don’t how you inspire yoir viewers, not only through your cooking, but much more in family bonding. You do your chores together, having you meals together. Now a days, it is very important that family should be strongly knitted together.

The videos are so amazing. I love watching you, you’re always so happy. It is great to see how much you enjoy everything you do in day to day life as far as food is concerned and sharing the part that food has to do with the culture for you all.

The food you prepare always looks so yummy. Your Family eats as if every meal is such a luxury, and the way you prepare it all makes it seem so. I really appreciate getting to watch you and your Family, they are all so wonderful and beautiful.

Dawang and Laifu are so well kept. They are very beautiful babies, so well behaved and I especially love the way that you and your Family spoil them. Please keep the awesome videos coming for us to share with you and your Family. Many blessings for good health and prosperity, a happy long life with many cherished memories.

This is so nice under the roof while it is pouring rain outside, eating outdoors with everyone. Super envious, had pork with cabbage with tons of garlic and tomato egg yesterday haha, but with my boyfriend that stayed over, it is different eating and cooking for a group!